Noe Valley Town Square Update and Benefit Announcement

Today we have an update for you, as well as an invitation to our first ever Noe Valley Town Square benefit event. First, the news:
Fundraising: We have crossed $430K in pledges from the community. THANK YOU. We have been told over and over again that this level of support is unheard of for a community project in San Francisco!

Timeline: We have now established credibility in a more powerful way than any needs assessment could have done. The community has made it clear beyond a shred of doubt that this project is needed and welcomed in our neighborhood. Our goal now is to raise all funds for the project ($4M total) by December of 2013.

What’s Next: We will continue our presence at the Saturday Farmers’ Market, as well as at community celebrations like today’s Harvest Festival. We love talking to you in person, please stop by our table to say hello whenever you have a chance. To augment the support we receive from the community, we have started applying for grants from a variety of funding sources. Given the limited volunteer time available, we are taking special care to make sure we only apply for grants for which we are a good match (i.e., moderate to high probability of success). For example, we are applying for a grant from the State of California under Proposition 84, which provides funds for urban greening. Many thanks to Supervisor Weiner and State Senator Leno for introducing us to this funding source. This is a long process, and we will know the final outcome by Summer of 2013. In addition, we will be kicking our major donor efforts into high gear. We will of course keep you informed as these efforts progress.
Our first ever benefit event
Spring Pilates (1414 Castro St) and trainer Karii Rurup have come forward to host our first ever benefit event. Thank you! The event will be on Saturday November 3, and Karii will be teaching a 60+ minute stress relief and relaxation class. Visit this link for more information and to register. We hope to see you there. Space is limited, register today!
How you can help: 
  • Help us get the word out about our benefit event. Have your friends register and pledge to the Town Square
  • If you have grant writing experience, and a few hours a week to help us get our applications together, please get in touch at volunteer@noevalleytownsquare,com
  • Pledge today, if you have not done so yet. Every additional pledge counts, especially since some of the grants we’re applying to require information about community support for the project
  • Tell your friends and neighbors, and ask if they have pledged yet
  • If you have made a pledge, display a poster in your window – visible community support makes a huge difference for our project
As always, we are available to answer your questions and concerns, and to listen to your ideas. Get in touch at questions@noevalleytownsquare,com 


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