Help planning events at the Town Square, plus a fundraising update

How To Plan Events At The Town Square

Residents For Noe Valley Town Square is pleased to announce the addition of Jim and Brenda Steinberg to the Town Square Team. Jim and Brenda will be the community’s liaison with the Rec and Park department. Bring your ideas on how you want to utilize the Town Square to Jim and Brenda at Jim and Brenda will explain the permitting process and coordinate with Rec and Park staff to help make your event a success.

Jim and Brenda are residents in Noe Valley and recently retired. Jim was the Public Defender for Humboldt County until he retired after 29 years. Brenda worked as a legal secretary for Humboldt County Counsel then as the Administrative and Executive Director for various nonprofit arts agencies. Brenda has extensive experience with the permitting process for events including working with CalTrans, the City of Eureka and the County of Humboldt and believes that this background will be useful in helping the neighborhood to activate the Town Square.

Fundraising Update

The Noe Valley Town Square is pleased to announce that it has collected $368,252 pledges to date. (We still have approximately $168,000 pledges outstanding.) In the last two weeks alone, the Town Square has collected over $40,000 in pledges.

What an amazing community we live in!

Land and Water Conservation Grant

By Monday, Feb 3rd, the SF Rec and Park Dept (Thank you Toni Moran!) will be submitting a dollar for dollar matching grant application called “The Land and Water Conservation Grant”. The size of the grant request will be approximately $655,000. (This number is arrived at by adding the $300,000 from The Open Space Acquisition Fund for remediation of the site plus Noe Valley Town Square Pledges collected minus a percentage of overhead expenses).

Residents For Noe Valley Town Square will continue to be at the Farmers Market most Saturdays to answer questions. Furthermore, we plan on holding a community meeting as soon as we have any information on the State of CA Urban Greening grant (for which we applied for $725,000).

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