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Residents for Noe Valley Town Square Board

Todd David (todd@noevalleytownsquare.com) is a public school parent and founding member of the San Francisco ParentPAC, a public school parents’ organization focused on improving public education and family life in San Francisco. A successful hedge fund manager and small business owner, Todd is also an active community advocate having worked on City parcel tax initiatives and several local elections, and he is the president of Friends of Noe Valley. His children attend Alvarado elementary school.

Chris Keene (chris@noevalleytownsquare.com) is a software entrepreneur who sold his fourth startup to VMware in 2011 and now works at VMware on their Big Data and Cloud Computing initiatives. He is also the co-founder of Residents for Noe Valley Town Square. He has helped lead the renovation of the Noe Valley Ministry building, worked completely ineffectively to resolve the Real Foods/Nutraceutical kerfuffle and far more effectively founded the leading men’s drinking association for Noe Valley. In his spare time he gardens, swims in the bay and plunks on his guitar.

Town Square Project Team

Leslie Crawford (leslie@noevalleytownsquare.com) is the programming director for the Town Square and a co-founder of the Noe Valley Farmers Market, which is the only independent, neighborhood-run farmers market in the city. That experience 13 years ago showed her the possibilities in working with neighbors to create positive change in a community. It also helped her see that when urban spaces are inviting places that foster community, a neighborhood is strengthened and unified. She also helped found the James Lick Middle School community garden (a project of the Noe Valley Farmers Market). She has lived in Noe Valley for 20 years.

Nisha Pillai (nisha@noevalleytownsquare.com) is a product manager and marketer in the technology industry. She leads marketing for the Town Square project. She has lived in Noe Valley for five years, and in her spare time she enjoys shopping for books, gardening and exploring the neighborhood with her family.

Kate Sherwood is a cleantech and sales and marketing veteran and managing director of Execution Strategy who has lived in Noe Valley for over seven years. As a regular with her family at the Noe Valley Farmers Market, she is excited to help transform the Noe Valley Town Square into the last open space within 1/2 mile radius. She is a public school parent at Thomas Edison Charter Academy (TECA) and in her spare time enjoys officiating womens lacrosse and chasing her spouse and children across our great city.

San Francisco Parks Alliance is a 501c3 non-profit focused on ensuring that the park system in San Francisco is managed in an accountable manner and engaging San Franciscans in philanthropy, volunteerism and civic leadership that nurtures our parks for ourselves and for the generations who will follow. All donations made to Residents for Noe Valley Town Square through the San Francisco Parks Alliance are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Special Thanks

Adrian Bonifacio is a superstar Noe Valley designer and photographer who designed our campaign poster.

Carmen Bal helped us design and implement this website.

Karren Shorofsky has helped lead capital campaigns for nearly a decade as a Board member and President of several San Francisco arts and education non-profits.  She has helped us extensively with her fundraising experience.

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