Town Square Overview


  • Buying the parking lot: on June 4, 2013, the City of San Francisco board of supervisors voted to purchase the parking lot  at 3861 24th Street, currently home to the Saturday Farmers Market, for $4.2M and turn it into an open space park.
  • Renovating the town square: The next step was to raise money to renovate this wonderful space. Initial estimates for this work ranged from $1.5 to $2.0M. Over 400 community residents and businesses contributed over $517,000 to this renovation effort. In addition, the San Francisco Recreation and Parks department applied for a $700,000 state grant for urban greening at the recommendation of State Senator Mark Leno.
  • Why: Ever since the Noe Valley Farmers Market took root in this parking lot, we have witnessed how an open space can add vitality and bring together a neighborhood. The Noe Valley Town Square is a public space Noe Valley can be proud of.
  • Who: Residents for Noe Valley Town Square is a non-profit 501c3 under the fiscal sponsorship of the San Francisco Parks Alliance. All donations are tax deductible.
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More Details

  • Vision: The Town Square is a central gathering space for Noe Valley. It is used by and for all Noe Valley neighbors and will host everything from farmers’ markets to food pantries, music events, neighborhood bingo, exercise classes, cafe seating and senior citizen events… The Town Square will pay for ongoing maintenance using rental fees from activities taking place in the square, such as the Noe Valley Farmers’ Market. The Noe Valley Community Benefit District has agreed to work with the Town Square committee to ensure that the space is kept clean and secure.
  • Community Process: The Noe Valley Town Square is the result of over two years of planning and community meetings involving hundreds of Noe Valley residents.
  • Town Square Design: The design for the Noe Valley Town Square was created by Chris Guillard of CMG, the same team that designed the Crissy Field project;  CMG specializes in creating transformative urban spaces.
  • The Noe Valley Farmers Market: Many years ago, an important community hub in Noe Valley – the Real Foods Market – shut down in a labor dispute. Noe Valley residents transformed that ordeal into a new vision for their community by creating the Noe Valley Farmers’ Market. A sale of the parking lot would force the Farmers Market to move to another location, most likely one less central to Noe Valley residents.
  • The Noe Valley Ministry: The parking lot was owned by a local church that put the lot up for sale to pay for an extensive renovation, expected to cost up to $5M. The church preferred to sell this property to the community and agreed to work with the Residents for Noe Valley Town Square in order to provide time for the community to raise the money needed for the project.


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